Application Specific Smart Cameras (including images processing in real-time) designed by ATA-VISION answer a need of: * Real-time images processing: feature extraction, images enhancement, images compression, video analytics as objects detection and recognition… * Multidimensional images acquisition using multiple image sensors of the same or various types as RGB, TOF (depth), IR, LWIR, UV… combined with others sensors types. * Very high resolution images capture and/or very high frame rate. * Special mechanical requirements: compactness, running in extreme conditions... * Real-time metadata generation. * Connectivity to Ethernet network: 1 or 10 GigE Vision, 12G/3G/HD-SDI... The processing technologies embedded in the smart cameras are a mixing of parallel processors in FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) or GPU, and classical X86 or ARM CPU using typically SMARC or COM-Express mini board. Windows applications are supported via WEC7 OS and evolution. Applications of such smart cameras cover multiple markets: industrial vision, cellular imaging, digital cinema and video analytics. Examples of application:       * Feature extraction in real-time like peak detection, profiles, histograms...together with image enhancement.       * Temperatures detection/alarm in region of interest using LWIR sensor.       * X-Ray images acquisition of objects in fast movement using very high sensitivity sCMOS sensor and           optical shutter (GOI).